“At Efinancial, we were a fast-growing life insurance distribution company. We quickly needed to align our growth with financial and operational processes that would support us during this time. Turning Point’s team quickly evaluated our reporting systems and metrics to help gain insight into our business.”


- Michael Rowell, CEO, Efinancial



“Our company was rapidly expanding into different markets and our financial and operational planning became significantly more complex. We needed to take the next step for us to manage the growth. Turning Point helped us forecast our profits, cash flow, and covenants with our bank, enabling us to make the best decisions for our company. They dived into the details and quickly understood the complexity of our business to ensure we had the best path for success.”

transpogroup financial success

- Bruce Haldors, CEO, Transpo Group


“When Sagacity was introduced to Turning Point, we were at a crossroads.  Having grown quickly, we saw that many of our processes and procedures needed to be upgraded or rethought.  Turning Point’s significant experience with companies of various industries and sizes proved extremely helpful.”


- Nicole Vogel, CEO, Sagacity

sagacity consulting success


“As a company, we were at a crossroads when we hired Turning Point.  We had grown beyond our ability to control operational efficiency but didn’t have the resources to hire a full-time CFO.  Revenues were up but the additional business was not growing our bottom line.  We did not have the in-house expertise to manage the complexities brought on by our growth.  We did not have a financial reporting system capable of helping us pinpoint our problems.”

king consulting success

- Dean E. Wilson, CEO, King-Electric