Focused on closely held, mid market companies, we specialize in harnessing financial data for CFO Consulting, Capital Advisory, and improved operations and profitability.

Capital Advisory

Getting the right kind of valuation for your business is critical. Our expertise and proprietary methodology achieves the most fitting result—timely and accurate valuations.

Financial & CFO Advisory

Bringing high-caliber talent, experience, and results to every assignment.

Operational Improvements

We use financial data to pave the way for operational improvements, resulting in improved cash flow, profitability, and more efficient use of your company’s resources.


“As a company, we were at a crossroads when we hired Turning Point. We had grown beyond our ability to control operational efficiency but didn’t have the resources to hire a full-time CFO. Revenues were up but the additional business was not growing our bottom line. We did not have the in-house expertise to manage the complexities brought on by our growth. We did not have a financial reporting system capable of helping us pinpoint our problems.”


- Dean E. Wilson, CEO, King-Electric



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