Operational Improvements

At Turning Point, we strive for—and are experts in attaining—clarity in a company’s financial situation.  We know what financial data is necessary and we know where to look for it, and, once we’ve gotten it, what it means.  More importantly, we know what to do with it.

Because all the data in the world, all the accuracy and clarity as well, are worth very little if not converted into actual changes, improvements in the way the business operates.  And changes and improvements, once made, must be ongoing.  Repeatable.

We know this because at Turning Point we’ve been part of more than 150 success stories, in some cases dramatic. Every one of those began with accurate financial reporting—and every one of them ended with changes that, because they were sustainable and repeatable, took the company forward, into a profitable, efficient future.

Whether your company needs a turnaround or just operational fine-tuning, our consultants will work with your team to fashion and implement processes that ensure, first, that the proper changes and improvements are made and, then, that they are ongoing.  We will help you put in place—and keep in place—processes that will put your financial data to work, maximizing your company’s efficiency.

Services include: Business Turnaround Consulting, Operations Dashboards, Cash Flow Analysis, Inventory Management, Receivables and Credit Improvement, Overhead and Expense Alignment, and Top-line Strategy.

We offer free consultations to discuss your specific needs and to help us develop the right solution.

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