Financial & CFO Advisory

Tailored to Your Company's Needs

The rationale behind our Financial and CFO Advisory Services is simple: we allow you to hire and pay for only the services you actually need.  For instance, your business might require a Wall Street-caliber CFO but you might only need that person’s services half-time.  Or less.  You shouldn’t have to pay a full-time salary for that position.  Turning Point allows you to hire exactly the team your company needs.  No more and no less.

Talent and Teamwork

But it is the other T’s, Talent and Teamwork, which really set Turning Point apart.  Our consultants are Wall Street CFOs, Controllers, Staff Accountants, and more, deployed in teams customized to your needs and objectives.  And, importantly, our consultants are W-2 employees, not one-assignment hired guns, and many of them have worked together, on the same teams and in the same roles, for years.  Well-practiced in our proprietary methodologies, these teams bring experience, expertise, and efficient teamwork to every assignment.

Among the services we offer are:

CFO consulting, Financial Reporting, Controllership Services, Lender Negotiations, M&A Support, Cash Flow Management, ad Hoc and Trend Reporting, Staff Training and Development, Forensic Accounting, and Audit Support.

Success Stories

Take a look at our client success stories from using our CFO Advisory Services:

We offer free consultations to discuss your specific needs and to help us develop the right solution.

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