Capital Advisory - Business Valuations


Why Valuations are Important

Obtaining a timely, accurate valuation of your business can be crucial, in certain circumstances.

Valuations are often a key element of estate and tax planning.  In other cases, valuations provide necessary information to, and facilitates deals with, angels, venture capital firms, and other investors.  Valuations can also be necessary for purposes of: taxation, financial reporting, buying or selling a company and equity financing. In either business partner disputes or divorce, our valuations help owners navigate and resolve conflicts

Getting it Right

We specialize in business valuation services from an operationally focused accounting perspective. Within this specialty, we are both experienced and versatile, having performed valuations for companies of all sizes and across various industries. We handle the most difficult valuation situations.

Why Companies Use Turning Point for Valuations

Expertise and experience.  Turning Point consultants and consulting teams have years of experience in finance and operational accounting, with companies in a variety of industry types and company sizes. We can determine when and if valuation is necessary and, if so, what type of valuation fits the situation.

Timely and accurate.  At Turning Point, our business and reputation are based on providing timely, accurate, and actionable financial deliverables.

Peace of Mind.  Valuations can receive significant attention in the business press and are often closely investigated by a variety of interested parties, including investors, bankers, attorneys, auditors, the courts, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Securities Exchange Commission.  Turning Point clients can rest easy, knowing that our valuations will stand up to scrutiny.

Compatibility.  Turning Point Consulting Teams work easily and well with your company and with the bankers, attorneys, and other parties involved in the valuation process and results.

As with our other services, Turning Point offers a free consultation to determine how our services can best meet your needs.

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